Bralo 55914010 - Rivets Aveugle Multigrip 4,0 x 9,5 mm

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Bralo 55914010 - Rivets Aveugle Multigrip 4,0 x 9,5 mm :

The Bralo Multigrip blind rivet is synonymous with for adaptability and reliability.

This blind rivet is a fixing system for connecting two parts of the same or different materials, of which only one needs to be accessible. BRALO© blind rivets provide a robust and secure solution for a wide range of fixing system requirements. They have been designed to fulfill the highest quality standards and also to withstand the most demanding ambient conditions.

This is a fixing element made of an aluminium alloy, capable of covering a large clamping area. This means that you can use only one type of rivet to replace several standard rivets and reduce storage costs at the same time.

Due to the special wide fastening properties on the blind side, the load and torque forces are evenly distributed.

The Bralo Multigrip blind rivet provides a uniform riveting process, a robust and high-quality fixing which is resistant to dynamic influences.

Can be used to connect different materials such as metal to metal, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, metal to plastic or plastic to plastic Other rivet versions for special applications and requirements available in the shop.

  • "Multi-range properties (Multi Grip) can be used with a wide range of clamping areas.
  • "Single-sided application (blind rivet)
  • "Blind rivets can be inserted from both sides.
  • "Mandrel safety system prevents electronic problems.
  • "Good fit into the drill hole. Allows for insertion into of inexact or too-large drill holes
  • "Splashproof
  • "No damage to the surface after riveting
  • "Excellent resistance to temperature changes.
  • "No loosening by dynamic influences (vibration-resistant)
  • "High-quality rivet sleeve made of aluminium with a high magnesium content of 2.5%. This ensures high tensile and shear forces.
  • "High quality, simple and quick installation.
  • "Ecological riveting process: no smoke, sparks or steam
  • "Simple, lightweight and rapid use.


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